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Weekend in the wine country.

That’s how we spent my husband’s birthday! Took him to Sonoma to enjoy the beautiful weather we were still having (welcome rain, officially), at a great inn! If you ever plan to stay out there, I highly recommend the Inn at Occidental! Wonderful staff, and a very well taken care of inn…much more time was spent exploring though 😀 From the farm lands, to the red woods, to the ocean…it was spectacular there. I am already trying to find a reason to go back again soon! Hehe 🙂 Here are some pics to show off the loveliness…


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Half Moon Bay and SF adventuring.

I cannot express in words how amazing of a human being I think Martin Luther King is; if I tried, I would feel like I failed with any words I choose. He is too extraordinary for words, another one of those rare individuals we were lucky to have had on this planet. I used to volunteer with a wonderful organization called JusticeCorps on his day (cleaning and planting in the Bay Area), but this year, I took advantage to explore our lovely land of California and take some awesome pictures! I feel like, if people enjoy them, that’s some form of charity right?! Very logical rationale. So I spent the day with a good friend, exploring James Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Half Moon Bay and SF streets…which consisted mainly of her tolerating my constant camera snapping haha I am glad to share it with you today, because I just cannot get over the beauty of California…ever. With all its problems (like, financial for example), I still feel lucky to live here. Pics speak for themselves though 😉

Hope you enjoy!


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Welcoming baby Gianna Jo!

I was lucky enough to get asked by a friend to take pictures at her friends baby shower this weekend, and it was so fun! The ladies worked hard to make it such a wonderful event for the mommy to be, and they very much succeeded! The decor, yummies, and atmosphere were perfect! Mommy was so happy, it was a pleasure to see 🙂 It was a large crowd, but a bar at the pizza joint had something for everyone 😉 I was able to get in a few shots with the mommy and daddy to be outside of the crowd…what a sweet couple, their baby girl is luck to be coming into such a loving environment and support system!

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Happy 2014!!

Woohoo! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had a wonderful NYE 🙂

Felt like 2013 just flew by! I had a busy holiday season, so I have not had a chance to write in a while…but I’m back! I am not big on resolutions, but I have some goals for this year – cook more, hike more, and take more pictures! Those are a few 😉 I have been dealing with a terrible cold for the last 2 weeks…ugh! But I managed to get in some fun anyway…spent a bit of time in LA with family, then a few days in Tahoe for NYE with friends! I am amazed at the beauty of Tahoe…just breathtaking. We did not have much snow, but it was stunning nonetheless. The pics below speak for themselves (I was in photography heaven)!

What are your resolutions for the new year?!


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Open fields and sunshine.

That’s what we got on our hike recently at the Coyote Hills Regional Park, in Fremont CA. I did not even know this lovely open hiking area existed so close to me! In fact, I am just now discovering how many trails I have yet to explore in the bay area. Really, in Northern California in general.

My good friend just came back from living in China for a year (teaching young kids English, how cool is that?), so we decided to spend some time catching up and getting our exercise on! The weather was perfect.

Here are a few pics!


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