Cheat sheets and tips…

…to becoming an awesome photographer yourself! You may not want to dive deep into it as much as I do, but who doesn’t want to know how to take better photos?! It will take away that disappointing feeling after you get a shot that does not look as good as you envisioned.

Sometimes I read and read and read (and read) about photography, and worry I am getting more confused when it comes to some of the technical mambo jambo rather than understanding it…I completely sympathize with people that feel intimidated by learning all that comes with taking better photos, and then just stick with the Auto Mode or the point and shoot. ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Focal Length…AHHHH!!! But really, it just takes consistency…believe me, stick with it, keep re-reading, and you will get it (I mean, if I can do it…)! It only appears scary at first. The great thing is, so much info is available online (I will compile some of my favorite tutorials on blogs later on to share with you) nowadays! SO much. Trick is to find the ones that make it easier for YOU to understand.

Sometimes explanations that are more on the visual side tend to help me…particularly with photography. Here are a few cheat sheets I found on the web, and hope you find them helpful as I did! Understanding the exposure triangle (ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed) is the first thing you should get down…it is the essential step in taking better photos. Really, knowing just that, you’re on your way to much better photos. These cheat sheets don’t explain what those terms are, or how they work, but if you are learning about it its an easy way to study/remember. Frankly, enough is written out there about the exposure triangle already, so I won’t be adding to it.

Take control of your camera!


Portrait photography helpfulness!

Portrait photography helpfulness!


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