The ever so essential editing process.

So I just purchased the Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 as my editing tool…up until now I have not used anything much more advanced on a computer than Irfanview and Pixlr LOL but its time to step my game up! haha I was considering Lightroom, but went with this one instead…any thoughts on why Lightroom might be better (I know there are probably other better ones out there as well, possibly ones I can’t afford haha)? Here is an edit I did for a friend (photo not taken by my, just my editing of it)…just practice and learning the program, but it didn’t turn out too bad! Plus she is just beautiful so not like she needs much editing 😉 And may I just say, blurring the background was not easy!! Best to get a good bokeh with the camera if you’ve got a good lens (which is my next purchase! Ive got a basic kit for my Nikon d2300, but an upgrade is very much in order)…Aside from the blurring I did not do too much but cropping and some lighting enhancing. Isn’t it great how she looks like she is just popping up in the pic after the cropping and blurring?! Demanding attention 😉 Wanted to share it with you guys since I think editing it such an important aspect of photography at times! Particularly cropping! It can bring new life to an image!

Check out my friends blog for makeup and fashion tips! In the mean time, any tips or suggestions for me? What is your favorite editing tool?


The before. And the after! Isnt she just loveleh? <3


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