I’m back!! New York experience and updates.

Well! It sure has been a while since I’ve been here! Lets just say, life has been keeping me very busy! With a new job, planning my wedding (which is over with finally!), and life in general, I really have fallen off the photography horse. But, I am back with a vengeance! Focusing on educating myself more on photography, and definitely plan to have frequent posts here! I look forward to seeing my photography grow on here as I learn and progress 🙂 For now, you are going to get a bunch of photos from our New York honeymoon! What a great place to visit…full of culture and so much excitement at every turn! One drawback was the heat! Apparently we ended up being there during a record breaking heatwave! Fun stuff, sweating just walking outside of your hotel…Other than that, I must say I fell in love with the lovely city! The food, the architecture…My favorites are the Central Park (hot dog carts anyone) and the Metropolitan…that museum is just amazing! I could spend days there…I would if my husband wouldn’t drag me away haha I am sure my photos will make you appreciate New York as well, and make you put it on the bucket list! 😉

Going to see the Statue of Liberty! Metropolitan Museum of Art

9/11 Memorial The beautiful 9/11 memorial Ferry to Statue of Liberty 9/11 Memorial Benches by the ferry for some relaxation. Just another building I love! More amazing architecture. Park fun in the sun! A great Indian Cuisine restaurant! I love the lamps! yum! Empire State Building in the night. Post Office! What a beautiful building. View from the ferry! Amazing! View from Empire State...foggy night. Hubby posing! Something romantic about this... love! Wooh! Beautiful! Fallen soldiers memorial. Lovely little park area. Street art! Delicious Serbian cuisine! Serbian Restaurant Yum! Stuffed pepper. Metropolitan Museum Feeling like a kid in Central Park...one of my favorite stories! Walk through central park. Times Square! Poser honeymooners! :) The bart experience. Metropolitan All mine! :-D More lovely artwork. A cute little bar/lounge! The spectacular Metropolitan. Night out. Times Square...busy in the day as in the night. A beautiful church we saw. Metropolitan beauty! Lovely lunch spot. Food truck sammich! Delish! Rockefeller Square! Awesome. Top of the world! Look at this view! Spectacular. Look at this architectural beauty! Sweet fella <3 This romantic beauty. Horseies! Day at Central Park. How sweet is this!! Oh just loungin. I just love these two cute ladies. Just wow! Boat ride! Lovely restaurant on the water. My cute rower! :-D Look at this view! Breathtaking! Love this. Sweet couple. Look at this cutie relaxin! View love! Beautiful park. View on view on view! Everywhere you turn. City life. Just love this! Charming. Look at this! Im just loungin! Sundown.


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