Happiness is free.

So, I got an early bday present this past week, and its the amazing Nikon D3200 camera!! (Thanks to my amazing fiance <3) I was super excited to get to use it this past weekend; snapped lots of photos at an adorable baby shower for my future sister in law! On the way back home, we stopped briefly at a small secluded beach right off the freeway (near Santa Barbara), and I snapped a few photos; one of them posted here. Seemed like a beach where just the locals living there were enjoying it…and lots of cute dogs and kids running around! Hopefully with the new camera (that I have yet to fully learn), I will have more awesome photos to share with you guys (and more frequently!!). The mess of sea shells, leaves, rocks, and a feather I found on the beach was so lovely looking…and I love the picture of it. I made one of those picture-quote combos with it using one of my favorite quotes!! 🙂

Also, these awesome cows were chillin on the fields just grazin and what not while we were driving back…and I snapped this shot. Within a moving car on the freeway, through the window!! Can we say I love the quality of this camera?! So, yeah, I like cows…I was raised around them as a kid, and I just love how mellow they are and their big soft looking eyes…and I like this shot of them, so I did not want to deprive you guys of it HA HA.


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