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Houseboat Trip!

What a great weekend!! I am lucky enough to have good friends who have a houseboat, as we get invited to enjoy a weekend at the lake with them (and lucky enough to find time once a year to go!)…it is always relaxing, and also exhausting at the same time; we party hard at night (drinking games – try king’s cup and cops and robbers, both so fun! – and music), then enjoy the day with activities like wake boarding, tubing, jet skiing, swimming (more like a beer in the hand as we float around in water…that tends to be a more popular swimming method)…when we mellow out, all you hear is the quiet around you, the sounds of nature, and a light breeze hits as you enjoy some tanning or a good book…not to mention the stars! The stars at night are so gorgeous and abundant. The only downfall for me is that it is scorching hot!! The heat wears you down a bit, (and I am extremely pale so the sun is not kind to my skin) but that is really the only minor flaw. I get to escape from technology, responsibilities, a set schedule…and just BE. Lose total track of time. I am truly happy and privileged I get to go with my friends, and so thankful for their invites.

Naturally, I was soooOOOooo excited to take a brand new batch of photos of the beautiful scenery and our shenanigans…sadly, the battery of my camera got exhausted and died just into the very first day!! Came as a total surprise since I charged it fully right before we left…So, I am not sure what happened there. Maybe it is time for a new camera…a much better one. Thankfully I was able to snap just a few photos at least! Wanted to share them…some are from the camera, and others from my phone camera (Blackberry)!! I bet you cannot tell the difference…I am very surprised how great some photos come out on my phone camera. I may add more photos later on…I also stole my friends cameras and snapped photos (hehehe), maybe I can get some of those to add in here! Here are some bits and pieces of the weekend:

The view is beautiful right when you get to the lake/marina:

Where the carp live and are looking to get fed!

The houseboat we were on is called:

My cute friends posing on the houseboat:

And lets just say, we were food and drink ready (we probably overdosed on mimosas this weekend, amongst other things)!

Chef Anthony at his usual post…and my fiance contributing by taste testing lol

When we weren’t eating or drinking (yes, there were those rare moments), we were generally playing with the toys:

There were lazy moments too:

But you have to stop and admire the beauty around you…

And we definitely did:

Cant wait to go back again!!


6 Responses to “Houseboat Trip!”

  1. Natasha Ghaiy

    I love this pics Jelena! I will send you the ones you took on my camera so you can add them here 🙂 Had so much fun!

  2. swagmade

    I have a lot of pictures too!! I’ll make sure to have tigist get them to you. This blog was great. We’re blessed with good friends.

    • jnenadic

      woohoo! please do, would love to add more and do some more editing 🙂 we definitely feel the same!

  3. judylynnes

    Hey Jelena! Awesome pics 🙂 I posted an album on my facebook….you can use any of those for your album as well. It was awesome having all of you join us on ‘The Overload Express’….we love and enjoyed all of you!

    Judy & Gary

    • jnenadic

      Thank you Judy! I will look through your album as well 🙂 We loved it, thanks a bunches for having us!!


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